BitLocker Drive Encryption:


To make your Data accessible only by an authorized people, Microsoft introduced very great tool to do Full Disk Encryption, it is the BitLocker Drive Encryption.

BitLocker Drive Encryption feature is included in an Enterprise and Ultimate editions of windows Vista and Windows 7 in addition to windows server 2008 and windows server 2008 R2.

How to Encrypt your Drive?

· From the control panel click on BitLocker Drive Encryption, All removable and fixed Disk Drives will be shown.


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Not enough server storage


If you are trying to access a shared folder on the other computer , and you faced this error message Not enough server storage…, from the event viewer you got also the error with ID 2011:


To solve this problem, you have to modify the registry key, or add subkey if it isn’t present, but I strongly recommend taking a backup for the registry before doing any modification to make restore possible, because you are playing in a dangerous area, any fault could crash your system.


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