BitLocker Drive Encryption:


To make your Data accessible only by an authorized people, Microsoft introduced very great tool to do Full Disk Encryption, it is the BitLocker Drive Encryption.

BitLocker Drive Encryption feature is included in an Enterprise and Ultimate editions of windows Vista and Windows 7 in addition to windows server 2008 and windows server 2008 R2.

How to Encrypt your Drive?

· From the control panel click on BitLocker Drive Encryption, All removable and fixed Disk Drives will be shown.





· Choose the Drive which you want to encrypt, click on Turn On BitLocker , you will be prompted to chose how to unlock the Drive by entering Password or by using Smart Card.


· In case of forgetting your Unlock password, there is a recovery key will be generated before the encryption process, and it’s strongly recommended to save the key in a safe location separate from your computer.


· The encryption process will start; in case of Removable Disk Encryption you shouldn’t remove the disk during the encryption.


· After the encryption complete, the drive icon will be different from the ordinary shape.


Also you can access the BitLocker Drive Encryption page by right click on the drive, and choose turn on BitLocker:


· To Decrypt the Drive, open control panel , click on BitLocker Drive Encryption ,choose turn off BitLocker beside the drive you need to decrypt , then you will be asked for the unlock password or the recovery key then Decryption start.



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