Implementing a Virtual Machine Failover Cluster with Windows Storage Server 2008

In this implementation I will use two windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise virtual machine nodes running on Hyper-V environment, connected to windows storage server 2008.Each VM has one NIC, it’s recommended to add an additional virtual network adapter dedicated to the iSCSI traffic, but I will use just one NIC in each VM to hold all traffic because my implementation will be in a test environment.

o Configure the iSCSI Shared Disk:

To configure the iSCSI storage system using windows storage server, iSCSI initiator and iSCSI target are the two components need to be configured to prepare the shared storage. iSCSI initiator is a software component that enables connection of a windows machine to an external iSCSI storage over TCP/IP. It is required to be configured in each virtual machine to access the iSCSI target which will be installed on windows storage server.


Firstly we have to join all the three machines to the domain, my domain name is


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Mouse not captured in remote desktop session in hyper-v environment

It is an annoying thing if you want to remotely access your virtual machine which is located in a windows server 2008 Hyper-v platform, and you get surprised when you see the following error message which telling  that the mouse is not captured even though the integration services already have been installed.



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