Mouse not captured in remote desktop session in hyper-v environment

It is an annoying thing if you want to remotely access your virtual machine which is located in a windows server 2008 Hyper-v platform, and you get surprised when you see the following error message which telling  that the mouse is not captured even though the integration services already have been installed.



well, the solution was by enabling the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), which can be done by going to start > Run > msconfig > Boot


> Advanced options


> Check Detect HAL


> Then you will be prompted to restart your machine


After restart the mouse is working


2 Responses to “Mouse not captured in remote desktop session in hyper-v environment”

  1. mohamed Azhary Says:

    please can you just tell me from where i should do the previous steps ,, is that from the VM or from the hyper V server .
    thank you

  2. Ale Says:


    I have the same problem. I try to follow the step, but in the msconfig I don’t find the “Detect HAL” option.
    I see only the “PCI Lock” and “Debug” voice.
    My server is a Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise with service pack 1.
    Another server I have, with the same configuration, work correctly and not present the problem!! Also here I cannot see the “Detect HAL” option.

    thank you

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