Group Policy for Proxy Settings is not applied on some machines

I have configured a GPO which is publishing the Proxy settings and the Exceptions through a PAC file.

I received many complaints that internet is not working on some machines. First thing i logged in to one of these machines which has a problem and checked the Registry:

Hkey_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings

Check the following Values:

AutoConfigURL    you should see The URL of the PAC file for example: (

Proxy Enable  0   it should be 1

That’s mean that the proxy GPO is not applied on this machine, but if you see the correct values are there then the policy is applied and you have to go through different solution from what I’m writing here for Example try to Delete the Connections Folder under Internet Settings on registry, then open the Internet Explorer the folder should come again and this might solve the problem.

Anyway lets go back to our problem which is the policy is not received at all, so after check i found that its because of the version of the IE which is 11 , but IE Maintenance is deprecated for IE10 / 11 and the policies won’t apply for these versions.


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